Digital Walk-In Clinic for canadians

Need to see a doctor, but don't want to go to clinic during pandemic? You don't have to. You can now discuss your medical issue and renew your medications over the phone.

Let's first look you up. More than 65000 patients visited our clinic over the last 15 years, so chances are you are in our database. If found, you will have immediate access to your patient record and visit history

Patient Registration

If you are registered already, you can make your telephone appointment by clicking a button below:

We never send surprise bills for insured services! Free is free.

Don’t have a health card? We still can help. Please call the number below and leave a message. We will respond as soon as we can.

(289) 204-0561

Clinic is now open by appointment only Mon-Sat from 9am to 2pm. You can book your appointment online

Current Schedule

Monday Dr. Smith 9:00AM 2:00PM
Tuesday Dr. Ostapenko 9:00AM 2:00PM
Wednesday Dr. Cutbush 9:00AM 2:00PM
Thursday Dr. Ostapenko 9:00AM 2:00PM
Friday Dr. Galkin 9:00AM 2:00PM
Saturday Dr. Ostapenko 9:00AM 2:00PM
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