This is the home page for the Walk In EMR project

Walk-In EMR web app is electronic medical records solution created to replace now defunct, functionally similar package from Health Screen Solutions. Fully customizable, offering all the advantages of the web based system, EMR can be hosted on a dedicated linux server on/off-site, or using virtual hosting service like Heroku or Blue Ocean. EMR is fully secured with SHA-256 bit encryption using SSL. Built using Ruby on Rails with Postgres SQL back end, Walk-In EMR is very easy to use, tailored to busy walk-in clinic setting, and provides all basic functions of any EMR system including:

3 User categories are supported: Staff, Doctor and Administrator. Each one has their own access rights and custom layout. Doctors and staff have no access to destructive functions or commands that could change historical data in any way. For example, visits that were already billed and sent to the government can not be changed in any way. Patients can not be deleted, etc.